Get to know Amy

Favourite holiday destination ?


Who's your sporting idol ?

Tiger woods

Favourite quote ?

“Believe in the beauty of your dreams”

Who is your favourite actor/actress ?

Denzel Washington

Who's on the ipod playlist just now ?

Drake, Miguel, anything and everything !

What is your favourite golf course ?

Kingsbarns in Scotland

Lowest ever round ?

-9 at my home course Maesdu

How did you get into golf ?

My dad

Why do you like golf ?

Golf gives you so many opportunities. Its a very unique sport.

Strengths or weaknesses in your game ?

Strengths are driving and putting. I wouldn’t say I have any real weaknesses but every part of my game can be improved.

What's your favourite colour ?

Pink and baby blue

Your favourite type of food or thing to cook ?

I’m not too fussy, but my favourite food would have to be duck or a good steak !

What are your favourite films ?

Bridesmaids & Man on fire

What do you like to do in your spare time ?

Going out with my friends, working out and getting pampered !!!

Biggest achievement to date ?

As an amateur winning Curtis cup. As a pro winning on the letas tour this year and finishing runner up on the LET

What would you be if you weren't a pro golfer ?

I have no idea ! I would have to be involved in sport somehow though !

Ideal four ball ?

Me, Tiger, Sergio Garcia and Rory Mcilroy

What can you never be without ?

My phone !

Short and long term goals ?

To win on the LET in the next year and to go and play on the LPGA

Most cherished club in the bag ?